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we are aspire – establishing a platform for success

The Client

Three distinct but complementary businesses form we are aspire; Aspire Housing, PM Training and Realise charity. Together, they blend commercial expertise with social purpose and revitalise communities by providing homes, training, employment and support.

The Challenge

Following significant change in the organisation a strategic marketing review was required to support the development of a marketing strategy.

The Solution

Following contextual and background research, we conducted confidential insight discussions with key internal stakeholders and strategic partners across all three businesses. Our sample included members of the Executive Team and Heads of Service. To support our insight discussions, we visited critical sites (including Shared Ownership Schemes and an Apprentice Training Centre), attended a board meeting and spent quality time with the marketing team to better understand the role and capability of marketing across the three businesses. Our evidence-based approach resulted in practical, actionable recommendations. These included the evolution of a new corporate brand and positioning, we are aspire, new ways of working centred around bold creative thinking, improved inter-business collaboration and communication, and to support this, the need to embrace marketing at the highest level.

A Group Head of Marketing & Communications was subsequently appointed.

Elaine Needham commented: “I joined we are aspire at a time when a strategic marketing review had already taken place; the independent viewpoint of this review was extremely useful to support the development of the marketing strategy.”


The Impact

Our work has supported we are aspire to move to more segmented and targeted marketing and has resulted in significant improvements in results.

“The team at Distinction have a wealth of experience and knowledge that supports and engages with organisations at all levels. They successfully collaborated and delivered on a key piece of work to establish our platform for being truly successful.”

Tracey Johnson, former Executive Director of Corporate Services, Aspire Housing

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