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Asset optimisation for investor-led construction products manufacturer – a collaboration with our strategic partner, WilsonCooke

The Client

HD Sharman Ltd (Sharmans) is a UK manufacturer of gutter and roof refurbishment systems. Its products are engineered to extend building lifecycles.

Our Challenge

The business wanted to double sales from £3M to £6M over 2 years and increase profitability by entering a new market – the specification channel. Sharmans brand, digital and marketing agency – our strategic partner Wilson Cooke, asked us to work with them to undertake strategic insight to uncover more about this market, validate any assumptions and accelerate critical decision-making.

Our Solution

We carried out strategic insight consisting of no holds barred candid conversations with a sample of existing and prospective customers. Our discussions were impartial, objective and unbiased. Our methodology was rigorous.

Our insight resulted in actionable recommendations. These were used to develop and drive the business and marketing communications strategy that achieved Sharmans objective of doubling sales and increasing profitability. The marketing communications strategy was executed by WilsonCooke.

The Impact

Together, Distinction and WilsonCooke have successfully delivered a practical, evidence-based strategy that has seen Sharmans double sales turnover from £3M to £6M and increase profitability.

Key components of our strategy were:

  • Re-positioning the brand based on the outcomes of strategic insight
  • Implementing a ‘road map’ for product development and operational improvements, including an extensive training programme, quality control system and approved contractor network
  • Increasing customer reach and engagement
  • Increasing customer conversion
  • Successful entry into the specification market

“We have opened new doors, new routes to market and a have a much larger product offering. After this process, we know what the market wants, where the gaps and opportunities are and where Sharmans sits best to fulfil this. We have repositioned the business, increased brand visibility and customer reach and engagement, and enhanced customer experience, conversion and retention. Sharmans product range has strategically extended to include roof coatings, repair and refurbishment systems, and customer journeys for both specifiers and contractors have been established.”

(H D Sharman Ltd)

Strategic Insight: Distinction
Marketing Communications Execution: WilsonCooke

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